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United Kingdom

London The Whisky-Exchange, London Probably the world largest whisky shop in the world. Large selection over a large price range. Shipping worldwide.
Argyll Loch Fyne Whiskies, Inveraray Large selection of whiskies and informative newsletter from a whisky expert. Shipping worldwide.
TheWhiskyShop Many retail shops spread out throughout Scotland. They have also a wide range of whisykies and bottle some whiskies under their own label.
Edinburgh/London The Royal Mile Located in London and Edinburgh, it is one of the oldest whiskyshop. Fair selection and prices.
London The Vintage House Huge choice of whiskies, inlcuding rarities at a fair price. Service average.
Aberdeenshire Online website specialised in malt whisky.
Morayshire A very nice selection of fine whiskies, with an excellent service and friendly staff. Highly recommended.
UK The official website of the Chivas company, with possibility to order distillery exclusive bottlings.
Sussex A UK-based company providing a large range of whiskies. In adddition, it is the only British company selling whisky samples.
Edinburgh A brand-new, whisky-led venue in the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town, bringing together a dedicated whisky bar, bistro and shop; stocking a large selection of specialist malt and blended whiskies in both the bar, shop and on-line.
Birmingham Hard to Find Whisky ( A new online Whisky mail order store (2012) supplying a large selection of rare, collectable and newly released whiskies


VD Whisky-time, Lutry Competitive price and very good advices, it is one of my preferd shop. He is a good whisky connoisseur and will be at your disposal for advices. Highly recommended.
VD Magnin Vins, Riex Large choice of single malts, specially from independant bottlers (Blackladder, Douglas Laing, etc) and many opened for tasting. It is an highly recommended shop.
VD Mosca vins, Lausanne, Crissier,-
VD, La Conversion

A large selection of whiskies (500+) from a shop in the neighbourhood of Lausanne, with an online shop

VD An online retailer proposing an hand-picked selection of whiskies. Over 200 references.
AG Angel's share, Oberentfelden Importer for Switzerland for James MacArthur. A nice selection of whiskies (e.g., BBR) and a most charming whisky dealer. A visit is worthwile.
AG, Murgenthal An online shop, with a large selection of whiskies
FR The Stillman, Gurmels Importer of Cooper's choice and other independent bottlers in addition to his single malt range The Stillman
ZH Scot & Scotch, Zürich The largest (and one of the few) whisky shop in Zürich.
ZH Eddies, Horgen(ZH) On the lakeside of Zürich in a charming little town, it is the best addess of the canton with more than 750 whiskys at fair prices.
LU Schubi weine, Lucerne One of the largest whiskyshop of the canton (app. 300 single malts), they still have a few rarities.
LU/AG Smuggler Whisky, Cigars & more, Bremgarten, Lucerne With over 400 different Single Malts, largest whisky shop in AG and LU. Over 350 open whiskies in AG and rarities in their newest shop in LU. Very friendly team.
BE Schürch Whisky- Tabak, Aarberg A well known swiss whisky expert, Mr Schürch has a wide range of hard to find whiskies. Prices in consequence.
BE Monnier Getränke, Studen They stock the Acorn and Jack Wiebers Whisky World (JWWW) whisky range. Their range now inclues also La Maison du Whisky bottlings
BS Paul Ullrich, Basel The largest choice of single malt of Switzerland and one of the biggest importer.
GR World-of-whisky, St-Moritz One of the bar with the largest whisky choice of single malt in the world (over 1000!) with an online shop. Represents Signatory in CH.
GR Acla-da-Fans, Samnau Very large choice of whiskies. Due to the special status of Samnau (duty free zone), they stock also duty free only whiskies.
SG/ZH Glenfahrn, Mörschwil, Zurich, One of the largest selection of whisky in Switerland, including Duncan Taylor and Murray McDavid range.
SZ, Einsiedeln Online whisky retailer, with a boutique in Einsiedeln offering over 400 single malts, rarities as well as blends and other products.
- Globus Present everywhere in Switzerland, but prices sometime hefty.



75 La Maison du whisky, Paris Largest choice of whisky in France.
92 Caves de bécon, Courbevoie Dynamic team and excellent service. Highly recommended. Stock Cadenhead.
68 Comptoir du whisky, Mulhouse Largest shop in the Grand-Est
33 Coffee, Tea and Whisky, Bordeaux With more than 500 whiskys, you can also buy whisky in the bordelais.
31 Le cellier, Toulouse Shop proposing various whiskies and organising whisky tastings

The Netherlands, Den Haag One of the largest whisky retailers with online shop in the Netherlands. A knowledgeable, very friendly retailer, with low prices and delivery to most European countries., Delft A whisky retailer in Delft with a range of 1500 whiskies in stock, and 1200 online., Krimpen aan den IJssel Whisky shop founded in 2011 1with 500 whisky's from all over the world, with a weekly newsletter about recepies, whisky video's, distillery information and whisky news., Rotterdam AShop founded late 2011 offering a range of independent bottlers (e.g. Exclusive malts, Silver Seal, The Ultimate), including their own private label: Archives.

Belgium, Zottegem One of the largest whisky retailers with online shop in Belgium
with more than 2100 whiskyies., Gent Online whiskyshop based in Gent, Belgium. Shipping
within EU. Includes a selection of fine and rare whiskies.
Huis Crombé, Kortrijk Wine and whisky dealer, with a very large selection of whiskies, including whiskfair and La Maison du Whisky bottlings.

Germany, One of the most recent German online retailer proposing a selection of whisky and whiskey. A German on-line whisky retailer established in 2011. A German on-line retailer in Bremen with a wide range of whiskies very fairly priced

Founded 2014 and based near Munich, with an offering of around1600 spirits, of which 1200 Whiskies from all around the world, including some special and rare bottles A group of shops based in Bremen, Bremerheaven and Spaswn.

Japan, The world's largest specialist retailer of Japanese Whisky.

Non Specified /Rest of the World, Whisky shop (whisky price comparator) providing single malts, malt whisky & spirits from around the world at the best whisky prices Whisky Shop, with rare whiskies, Tasmanian whiskies and Whisky Ressources




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